Storing your furs properly adds years of life. Home air conditioning cannot duplicate the controlled conditions in our vaults.




Our vaults maintain a temperature of  55 degrees Fahrenheit, significantly lower than at home, where closets are often 10 degrees warmer than the temperature in the room.  The higher the temperature that furs are stored at, the quicker the fur oxidizes, which results in significant color changes and a weakening of the pelts.



Humidity and air movement  are important  components of  proper fur storage.  Our vaults maintain constant air circulation around your furs and humidity levels of 50%, which are  essential for keeping your furs from drying out or mildewing. Cedar closets and basements  don't provide either of these and are not recommended.



Every garment that we store is inspected, allowing us to find and remedy problems  before you wear your garments in the fall. Linings are sewn, fastenings are sewn and replaced, and buttons tightened, so your coat is ready to go when it's time to wear it.